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iMoss International Conference, June 2018

Graduate students and professors from the Dimensions team attended the 4-day iMoss conference in St. Petersburg where over 50 international scientists studying cryptogams (algae, moss, liverworts, ferns, fungi) came together to share recent findings and make connections for future collaboration.

Desert National Wildlife Refuge (DNWR) Syntrichia caninervis biocrust foray, July 2017


Students and professors from the Dimensions Team met at UNLV for ecophysiological laboratory methods training with Dr. Stark. At the week’s end, the group traveled into the DNWR’s Mojave Desert to see Syntrichia caninervis-dominated biocrust established in three life zones along a 1000 m altitudinal gradient. Stark’s PhD student, Theresa Clark, led the group to “moss meccas” at each life zone where she is presently studying biocrust microclimates and hydroperiods (periods of hydration between desiccation).


BioCrust 3

Held in Moab,Utah, September 26 – 30, 2016:

Botany 2017 Conference

So Be Free 2017