“Wonders of a dryland moss: Syntrichia from genomes to ecosystems”

A virtual, self-paced workshop for the public.


Instructors: Matt Bowker, Kirsten Coe, Jenna Ekwealor, Kirsten Fisher, Javier Jáuregui-Lazo, Brent Mishler, and Mel Oliver

Organized by Staci Markos and Brent Mishler

This series of eight presentations was recorded at a Jepson Workshop on January 30, 2021. They were designed to summarize the sweep of studies being done at many levels of biological organization as part of this large research collaboration on the moss genus Syntrichia.  The presentations are geared towards non-specialists and general public; for technical results please see the research papers cited on the 3D Moss website.

We recommend that these 15-minute videos be watched in the following order, as they are meant to build upon each other.

1. Introduction to moss biology; (Brent Mishler, UC Berkeley)

2. The Syntrichia genome; (Mel Oilver, U. Missouri)

3. Linking the genome to ecology: transcriptomics and metabolomics in relation to UV and desiccation tolerance of Syntrichia; (Jenna Ekwealor, Smithsonian Institution)

4. Biomechanics of water in Syntrichia; (Javier Jáuregui-Lazo, UC Berkeley)

5. Syntrichia ecophysiology; (Kirsten Coe, Middlebury College)

6. Population genetics and reproductive biology of Syntrichia; (Kirsten Fisher, Cal State LA)

7. Phylogenetics and systematics of Syntrichia; (Brent Mishler, UC Berkeley)

8. The roles of Syntrichia in the ecosystem: biological soil crusts (biocrusts); (Matt Bowker, Northern Arizona University)

Watch the whole video set here: