Syntrichia caninervis

Dry Syntrichia caninervis stems under dissecting scope. PHOTO: T. Clark
Hydrated Syntrichia caninervis stemunder dissecting microscope. PHOTO: T. Clark
Dry stem under dissecting microscope. Field characters for ID include vertically oriented leaves (appressed) ¬†and “white dusting” on the back of the leaves on the midveins (costa). ¬†PHOTO: J.Brinda
Syncan seedling
Micro-hills of Syntrichia caninervis amidst a reddish sandstone soil. One pine seeding taking root illustrates one role of soil crust in helping some vascular plant seedlings establish! PHOTO: K. Deane-Coe
Fig 2a. Soil Crust
Dry biocrust community with large dominant cushions of S. caninervis (black). Grand Staircase National Monument, UT. PHOTO: T. Clark