Wonders of Syntrichia!

Several 3DMoss members got together to host a virtual workshop in collaboration with the Jepson Herbarium. Funded by the NSF, participants were mailed workshop materials ahead of time, including a hand lens, Gathering Moss by Robin Wall-Kimmerer, and an individual specimen of Syntrichia princeps for a rehydration activity. The workshop was geared to participants from all backgrounds as Dr. Wall-Kimmerer’s book served as an excellent introduction to mosses. Presentations were kept short and accessible, and covered a range of 3DMoss research topics including bryophyte biology, genomics, physiology, reproduction, and ecology of biological soil crusts. This broad perspective gave participants a tour of the genus Syntrichia from all the fascinating angles our team studies. The virtual format, necessary for safety reasons, actually allowed for much greater accessibility, as was demonstrated by participants from all across North America. We are happy to say that we’ve received positive feedback from participants and we can deem the workshop a success.